Dallas Avandia and Actos Lawsuits

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Dallas Avandia and Actos Lawsuits

Dallas Avandia Lawsuits Continue Be Filed Against GlaxoSmithKline for Heart Attacks, Strokes and Other Cardiovascular Problems Caused by Avandia

Avandia Health Problems

Avandia is an anti-diabetic drug marketed by the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline that hasbeen linked to nearly 100,000 heart attacks and tens of thousands of strokes. There have been over 13,000 Avandia lawsuits filed so far, even though there were over 10 times as many heart attacks and strokes caused by the diabetes drug and likely an equal number of lesser cardiovascular disease problems caused by Avandia.

There have been many questions, posed by the FDA, the United States Senate and in the majority of all Avandia lawsuit cases that the drug's maker was aware of the significant dangers continued usage posed long before it alerted the public and even the FDA. Although Avandia has been largely removed from the market after additional FDA Avandia warnings and restrictions were imposed in the summer of 2010, many have argued that these restrictions, if not an outright Avandia recall, should have occurred long before that, which would have dramatically reduced the number of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular problems caused by Avandia.

It is estimated that 10,000 Avandia lawsuits have now been settled, although more are being filed each and every week. Depending upon what state you live in, time limits may limit the amount of time you have to file an Avandia lawsuit. The Avandia lawsuit information contained in this site will answer many of the questions you may have and enable you to contact lawyers handling Avandia lawsuits in your area.

Avandia Lawsuits

Dallas Avandia Lawsuits

If you or a loved one has taken Avandia and then suffered a heart attack, heart failure or cardiovascular disease, an Avandia lawsuit entitles you to compensation. With over 10,000 Avandia lawsuits already settled, questions about whether Avandia is actually the cause of heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular disease or other heart problems in its users is now largely settled. If any of these health problems has impacted your family after using Avandia, this information is vital for you.

Dallas Avandia Lawsuit FAQs

Dallas Avandia Lawsuit FAQs

This section answers questions about who can file an Avandia lawsuit, the steps to do so, what has happened in previous Avandia lawsuits, why Avandia lawsuits are not class action lawsuits and answers to other Avandia lawsuit questions you may have.

Avandia FDA Warnings and Restrictions

Avandia FDA Warnings
The FDA has linked Avandia to 83,000 heart attacks from 1999 - 2007. The risks for and occurrence of heart failure and all forms of cardiovascular disease is even greater. Currently the FDA is investigating Avandia's maker, GlaxoSmithKline, broke the law by hiding the increased risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease from using Avandia.

Avandia Deaths

US Senate Claims Avandia Deaths Avoidable

The United States Senate Finance Committee stated that more than 6,000 unnecessary Avandia heart attacks are occurring each year, with an even greater number of other forms of heart disease and cardiovascular problems as well as a significant number of strokes. Read more here.